March 15, 2006

Count Me In For Color

I joined two new groups.

The First one is Project Colorswap. This one is hosted by Lynn over at I Was Knit Together in My Mother’s Womb. Looks like a lot of fun. Check out the link in my side bar.

I have been following the Project Spectrum hosted by Lolly Knitting Around. I was not sure how I would be able to participate with already so much on my list of projects. Joining the Project Colorswap I have got my colors covered each month. Both will be starting in April for me. The colors in April are Orange and Yellow. So I will be on the look out for things in those colors.

House Hunting

Chris and I looked at two houses yesterday after work. They both are move in ready and in our price range. They are both completely different from one another. Of course Chris thought house number one was better and I preferred House number two.

House number one is an adobe style home and was very strange and eclectic inside. It was nice but I think it would take me several years messing around in the interior with decorating and such to make it feel homey and comfortable for me. The house is sitting on 9 acres of land. The land is all sectioned out in different fenced areas and there is a great large barn on the property. The lady that is living there now has lots of animals. She breeds cashmere goats & also breeds Maincoon cats. The cats are kept in different rooms in the air conditioned barn. She also has several dogs and many horses. Oh and one llama she said came with the property. The view looking out from this property is BROWN. This place looks like the desert. This house is a 30 minute drive to the office.

House number two is on 11 acres of land. The interior of the house I can work with. The guy that built the house was a contractor so there is a nice kitchen and some nice qualities to the house. Although there are a few things we were not sure why they did, like putting those sliding glass doors on the garden tub. Also they did not maximize on the awesome views. Several little things here and there that we could change with time, but all in all I am comfortable with the house and could throw my furniture in there and not worry about it. The land has a few separated fenced areas and also one horse corral. The property has a couple of outside buildings mostly for storage of feed etc. There is a lot of wilderness around and predators that we would need to make sure to have proper fencing around the perimeter. The view looking out on this property is Green, lots of trees. This house is about a 25 minute drive to the office.

I think we are going to keep number 2 on our list and keep looking to see if any other homes that fit our needs come on the market. Looking at these houses both Chris and I feel very good about our decision to let the other house we had an offer on go. Both of these would be a better choice than that one.

Weekend Trip

We are about to sign contracts on some alpacas and we decided we should go take a look at them first to make sure they are the ones we want. It is a big investment and we need to make sure we are happy with our choices. You know how photos can look on the internet, you think you are buying a Great Dane and a Poodle shows up at your door named Butch. So we are scrambling to make last minute travel arrangements to go look at some alpacas on the weekend of the 25th. Of course that is probably Spring break for some area of the US. Hopefully we can get a reasonable price on tickets. So some time in about 10 days we will be purchasing our first alpacas. So Exciting!

Cosmo is not as excited.