March 17, 2006

Lucky Charms

I was trying to think of some good Irish sayings and I drew a blank. All that kept running through my mind was “Where are me Lucky Charms?” So I looked up some stuff on the internet and found a better one.

“Live Free. Dine Well. Drink Good Beer.” That sums it up me guess.

I will drink to you finding your own pot of gold. Whether that is money or a big pitcher of beer you make the call.

House #1

Chris came home yesterday and went on and on about house #1. He really likes and thinks it will work for what we are planning on doing. So, being the good little wife that I am. I told him I would go look at it again. We plan to see it this weekend again. This time I will keep a more open mind about the interior of the home. The property is perfect and already set up for livestock. I will let you know. I am bringing the camera.