June 08, 2007

Gangster Cows

There is a group of cows wandering the neighborhood. We spotted them a couple of weeks ago on the neighbor’s property. We thought they were his until we saw him jumping on his 4 wheeler chasing them and yelling Hah! Hah! This of course works for the moment but they sure come back every day to enjoy his tall weeded land.

There are 4 in the group. One Black male, White faced black female, brown male & brown female.

Our property is completely fenced off so they can not get on it. All the neighbors that do not have fencing have been paid a visit by this group of gangster cows. I believe that New Mexico is a free range state, and the cows are allowed to wonder around.

I could not help myself but to cast on for the Chevron Scarf using the alpaca yarn I had just got. I am liking the color combination. The pattern is in the book Last Minute knitted Gifts.

One completed cabled bag side. Half way done, just need to cast on for the second side of my bag.

I completed the back of my Jersey sweater. Unfortunately I am bored out of my mind with this knit. I think I might rip it out and make something else with the yarn. For know it is going into the bag and left for another day. I thought that since it was a pretty simple knit I could whip out the sweater in no time. But since it is so simple I find myself not wanting to pick it up and work on it.

Haley showing us an example of proper summer time activity, leisurely napping in a strip of sunshine.