March 20, 2006

Endless House Hunt

Well we went back to house #1 and I took a look at it again with an open mind. This time it looked much better to me.

I decided I liked this room the best. The living room is to the right side of this room. I can picture the room with a cute sofa maybe wicker with a fluffy cushion, perhaps maybe an oversized chair also in the room. The cat lounging on the fireplace ledge and the dogs lying at my feet. Of course I would be relaxing working on my latest knitting. After a bit of talking with the hubby we were in agreement that we would need to add a master bath to our bedroom & remodel the kitchen slightly. We put an offer on the house.

Unfortunately the sellers were not as motivated as we were told. We did a bit of counter offering back and forth most of the weekend and never reached a reasonable price. We decided to move on & let it go.

Maybe Build a Home

Chris and I are now looking for land to possibly build a home on. All the homes we have seen so far we would have had to do some remodeling. So we thought we might as well look into building what we want in the first place. I would love to have a wrap around porch. I am a southern girl at heart. The downfall of building is that it will take some time from start to finish. Also during the process to stick to the budget and not go crazy when picking out things for the home.

Stay tuned we are signing contracts this week on our first alpacas. I will tell you about the ones we chose. 8)