July 26, 2007

Summer Update

I have been craving Pineapple Upside down cake for awhile. When I mentioned making one to Chris he crinkled his nose and said he doesn’t like it. I guess that is why I don’t make it very often. He added “Why don’t you put some rum in it”. Ohhh! That sounds good. My response was “Tortuga”. First thinking of the wonderful rum cakes made in the Caribbean and then of course thinking of Johnny Depp in the Pirate movies. I immediately set out to find the perfect recipe to entice my husband into liking the wonderful upside down cakes.

I settled on this recipe for Pineapple-Rum Upside-Down Cake.
It turned out beautifully. Chris had no complaints; I think he really liked it but of course will not admit to it. While in the grocery line I noticed the cover of Better Homes and Gardens featured a photo of an Upside Down Berry Cake. Next time I might use berries in the place of the pineapple.

Shelter Progress

What ever does not kill you makes you stronger. Building this shelter has been a true test to our relationship. Chris has learned that all though I can be tough at times I am no burly man. He has mentioned that I have marshmallow muscles. I have seen his butt crack more in the last month peeking out from the back of his jeans then I have ever in the 14 years I have known him. So much so I suggested to him he put some sunscreen on it. On occasion I need to remind him I am doing the best I can. Heavy lifting and manual labor is not my strong suit, and no I am not good at hammering a nail straight while clinging to a ladder several feet off the ground. However if he wants me to make him a drill cozy, I’m his girl. I will be so glad when this thing is finished and we have a little more free time on the weekends.

Alpaca Babies So Far

Do you remember the little girl born in May up in Rosehaven Alpaca farm in NY? We have gotten updates and she is doing great. We decided to name her "Ginger".

Satine finally had her baby. She had a white male we are calling “Calvin”.

Calvin had a difficult start due to the fact Satine’s milk did not fully come in when he was born. He was loosing weight the first few days which is a very critical thing for these little guys. We let the Vet step in and had both Mom and baby stay at their facilities for a few days so they could be under 24 hour care. Both are doing great now and are back home with us.

Just last Saturday Tasha had her baby. She popped that boy out in a matter of minutes, it was amazing. We are naming Tasha’s Baby “Macho Latte”.

Chris thought of the name Macho Latte and it suits him. He kind of has a look on his face where he is running the show, and gives off an air of attitude.

Of course he is the sweetest when he is napping.