July 07, 2007

Our Anniversary

Chris and I were married 8 years ago today. This is a photo of us on our honeymoon in Jamaica. It is one of my favorite photos of the whole event. At the time two of us lazily ridding horseback and enjoying the day was so outside the box for us. The photo is almost a glimpse into our future and we had no clue at the time. 8 years ago we were both in college. I was in college getting my bachelor of science in psychology, and he was at dental school working on his doctorate. If someone would have told me that 8 years from then we would be running our own dental office while becoming alpaca ranchers in New Mexico, I would have thought they were crazy.

My life is full and that is a good feeling. Who knows what is next on the horizon for us. We have only just scratched the surface of our lives together.

Know that your future is not written in stone and can have endless possibilities.