June 29, 2007

Time For Summer

Webshots Photo

Summer has arrived. So get your flip-flops and pour yourself a tall glass of lemonade and head on outside and let the sun kiss your cheeks. Roll out that old cotton quilt under your favorite tree. Don’t forget to bring a handful of magazines you have been meaning to read or that book you just have not gotten to yet. Lye on your stomach and try to pick dandelions with your toes. Then roll over and look up at the big blue sky and think about your hopes and dreams for the future. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Take note of all the life and energy around you and know that you are very much ALIVE! Giggle if you must and relish the day.

My Garden

I chose this little fenced in old dog kennel area to start a little garden. The fencing will help keep out all the wild life that wonder through the property.

This is a before shot to show the major weeds that had taken up residency, I did trim the two trees that are in there. I decided to leave them so I can hang some bird feeders and what not from the branches. Plus with the hot New Mexico Sun the little trees will provide a little shade and will give me more options as to what I can plant in there.

Here is a photo after weeding. I put a strip of gravel down the center so I can easily walk through to the back with out disturbing the wet soil. Since there were so many weeds I think it is going to be a big struggle this year with them coming back. I think this Winter when every thing is done I will cover the garden with a tarp and try to kill off any of the remaining weeds lingering in the soil.

Here are the seeds I have planted

Sweet Pea, Red Hot Poker, Lavender, Chinese Lantern, Marigold, Gomphrena

Jack Be Little Pumpkins, Gourds, Cilantro, Basil

So far the Gourds, Cilantro, & Basil have sprouted. I am hoping for at least half of the stuff I planted to sprout. I have not started plants from seed in a very long time. It was lots of fun to pick out the seeds. As you can see I squeezed in as many as I could get into my small garden area.

Fields of Grey

Kiri & Mimosa have arrived from Rosehaven Farm.

The two of them stepped off the transport and immediately made themselves right at home. I would have to say these two adjusted the quickest out of all the alpacas that have come to our farm.

Kiri is a dark silver grey color and she has an amazing presence about her. She is a definite leader and ranks high on the pecking order in our group of alpacas. She has a weakness for baby carrots.

Mimosa is a light silver grey color and is a sweetie pie. In an earlier post I showed a photo of some yarn made out of her fiber and how amazing it is. She actually sheared 5 pounds of fiber this spring, which is awesome.

We are so happy to have the two grays in the pasture with the other alpacas. Their beautiful coloring enhances and compliments all the others. They are both due around the end of September and the beginning of October. Early fall is a perfect time for them to have their babies and a great time for rebreeding since it is not as hot that time of year.