August 29, 2006

Sweet Sound

This week I am hearing the sweet sound of chainsaw and wood chipper. Believe it or not this is music to my ears. Chris and I finally found someone to start clearing our land. He will also be building our barn and putting up some fencing. The best part is he started this week.

We decided to get the front acreage set up for the alpacas first. I think the mountain lion print in the back was the deciding factor. Jodie mentioned in her comment that she would like to see some more alpaca photos. I am right there with her. Unfortunately our alpacas are in Oregon right now and won’t be coming home until Late Fall. The only pictures I have are the ones I already posted. I sent the farm an email requesting some updated photos of the four babies. We will see if they send them. They are a large Alpaca farm and are very busy. I will keep my fingers crossed, and if they send them I will post the photos.

In the mean time we are getting set up for their arrival.

Finished Objects

I completed the cable wrap and it has soaked in warm water and is now being blocked.

Kitty Pi

Completed and before felting.

Blocking on top of Cosmo’s tower.

Cosmo is a little hesitant yet to sleep in his new bed. I did spot him inside it once but he was playing around and attacking it. Hopefully he will start to use it like a bed. When he does I will share photos.

Cast On

I cast on for Fetching the pattern found in the latest Knitty.

I chose Super it is an Italian yarn 100% Australian Merinos
Color is Partie. I think I bought it at the local yarn shop awhile back.

Real easy so far.


Last weekend I actually went through all my books and magazines that I have with knitting patterns. It is funny how your tastes change as to what you would knit and what you would not. This is a strong argument for not buying yarn ahead of time for things you are not ready to knit, because by the time you are ready to knit that object you might not be as interested in it as you once were. There might be something new that just caught your eye that you would rather knit.

So glad I looked through all the patterns. There were new things that caught my eye that I put on my list for future projects. One that I can’t stop starring at is this:

Pattern from Rowan Classic Woman pattern book
It is labeled as a scarf with finished size of 17 ½” x 90”

I am thinking of doubling it and making it a blanket. Probably with out the tassels due to them being too tempting for the cat and dogs to play with. It is knit using DK weight RYC Soft Lux. I will need to find an alternative yarn that is more reasonably priced for such a large knit. Also would like to find a yarn that I will be able to wash the blanket if I need to.