July 21, 2006

Critters in the Country

I thought I would share with you some of the critters I have seen at my new country home. This moth pictured above has been on the front porch for a week. He is huge. When you get real close to him it is kind of creepy how big he is.

Rock Squirrels

Often on my trek down the mountain these squirrels run across the road. They burrow under the rocks. They live in colonies and have a litter of babies twice a year.

Photos by Rosanna Hamilton

Jack Rabbits

Our pastures are full of these guys. Their ears are almost as long as their bodies. They are lots of fun to watch. Beautiful creatures. I told Chris jokingly that I was going to grow some vegetables for them. He complains every time he sees two of them meeting up, afraid they are going to over populate. :)

Scorpions! Oh My!

Yes, we have scorpions. It rained real hard and then that night we found two scorpions on the ceiling. The first one we found in the main living area. We were petrified. Chris swatted it down with a broom and I was supposed to whack it with a fly swatter. When the thing hit the floor it ran. We were shocked how fast it was. Finally I got it and smashed the crap out of it.

With my heart pounding I told Chris I was going to take a bath and try to relax before going to bed. I walked into the bedroom and there was another one on the ceiling. I could have cried. This time we used the vacuum and sucked him off the ceiling. Needless to say I did not get much sleep the next couple of nights.

I read up on them and they are nocturnal. They hunt at night apparently on my ceiling. They are not deadly unless you are not in good health. They sting you much like a bee sting. Here is a map of the regions they are found in.

Dirty Dogs

My dogs are pig pens. A down fall to living out in the country the dogs are filthy. Many times they come inside and I stick them right into the tub. Poor brandy has had more baths these last couple of weeks then she had all last year. Eventually we will get the yard around the house landscaped and put some grass in so there is less mud for them to roll in. Unfortunately the list is long and the yard is not high priority right now. Until then the dogs will need to suffer with the bath time woes.