August 17, 2006

Pineapple Quilt

I picked out some fabric last weekend for the Pineapple Quilt. The finished quilt is 40” x 40”, so it is more of a wall quilt or table quilt. I decided to do mine in blues. Here is what I found.

The blue squared fabric on top and to the left I plan to use for the center of the pineapples. The little blue flowered fabric I plan to use in the background. Lastly the blue fabric on the bottom I plan to outline the pineapples and also use for the border and the back of the quilt.

This is my first time using a pattern for a quilt. I am use to just making it up as I go and just using my imagination, that way when you are finished it is always right because there was no blueprint that you need to compare it too. This will be interesting and a challenge for me to stick to the pattern. I still might tweak it a bit we will see.

Progress Report

Here is an update on my cabled shawl. It appears to be taking forever. I found a mistake and realized I cabled all three small cables after two rows instead of after four. I noticed this mistake about 5 rows up. I was torn as to whether to frog back or just keep going. I decided to just knit to each section that was messed up and just drop those stitches and fix them individually using a crochet hook. It took an entire evening to fix. I was proud of my self this was the first time I had the confidence to drop stitches on purpose.

Another Room Painted

I finished painting my office/craft room/cat room. I decided on a light lilac color. I needed something light and cheery because my desk and cabinet are dark wood. It was funny when I bought the paint at Home Depot the lady at the checkout said they painted their daughters room that same color. They were going for a princess theme. When I told her I was painting my office that color she just kind of looked at me funny. Yea, so what lady it is my office and I will paint it the color I want.

Kitty Pi

Picked out the yarn to make Cosmo’s new cat bed.
Lamb's Pride Bulky:
2 skeins of Blue Boy
2 skeins of Supreme Purple
Lion Brand Fun Fur:
2 skeins of Violet

Cosmo spent some time sniffing it and rolling around on the floor with it and has given me his approval on the color choice. I think I might even have some yarn left over to make some knitted cat nip mice and toys to accessorize. 8)