July 26, 2006

When Pigs Fly

This is the coolest present Chris and I received from my in-laws. I love this flying pig weather vain. We plan to mount it on top of the barn after it gets built. I am a strong believer that nothing is impossible, So I love the flying pig figurine.

Looking good in the Muck

I tend to wear a lot of flip flops and sandals living in New Mexico the majority of the year it is warm. Now living out in the country with some acreage. I soon realized the flip flops are not going to cut it.

These Dahlia boots arrived at the house a couple of days ago. I found them online at Smith & Hawkins. They are on sale right now for $11.99. They fit good. These will be my official scooping up the alpaca pooh boots, and my all around trumping through the mud attire.

Sew I knit-along

I have been a member of this sew along since it started. I sat out the last project which was sewing a shirt or blouse. I was just too busy and I was not inspired to make a shirt for myself. The new project I am definitely excited about.

Details taken from site:
Sew an item that’s quilted! The project can be anything as long as it has a quilted element to it. Examples: pillow, oven mitts, apron, or quilt. New sign-ups are open until the end of July. The theme runs from August 1 until September 15th.

This gives me a perfect excuse to dive into some of the quilt patterns I brought back from Hawaii. I have narrowed it down to these two and have not decided on which one I will try first.

Honu pillow pattern by Barbara Bieraugel
I am leaning towards the two in the top row.

Pinapple E. Komo Mai 40” x 40” table or wall quilt.
Pattern from Craft Sisters

August 1st until September 15th I think will give me enough time to complete one of these projects. Unfortunately all my craft and sew stuff are still in boxes. So I need to get on the ball and finish some other rooms in the house so I can feel less guilty about getting my craft room set up. 8)

Thank You

Just a quick note to thank everyone for all the info on the scorpions. This is a learning experience for me. Now, I definitely do not put on a pair of shoes before shaking them and checking for critters first. We also lift the blankets and sheets before hopping into bed.

Cosmo is a big help if I see him eyeballing something and getting into hunter stance he usually points me to a six or eight legged monster.