August 01, 2006

The Lily Pond

What have I been up to? Painting, Painting & more Painting. This is the color I picked out for the laundry room. It is called Lily Pond by Glidden.

Here is a photo of what it looks like on the wall. I find myself gravitating to this room because it is done. I plan to paint my office/craft room next. Since that is the room I go to sit down and do my work for the office and my room to be creative and relax on the weekends I feel it needs to be done.

Jo Bob’s Law

Uncle Jesse

I have learned about a new law that has run rapid out here in my small town. It is called Jo Bob’s Law. This law states that if you need something done give Jo Bob, Tommy Jo, or Bobby a call and when they feel like doing it they might swing by. We have had three different men out at the house showed them the property told them what we would like them to do. Clear the land; build a barn, put up fencing etc. All three men have come out walked around with us gave us the impression they were our man to do the job then once left our house never heard from again.

This does not just work for the local builders or contractors. We also have had two electricians out at the house. When our air conditioner turns on our lights flicker & also when we turn on the vacuum. Turns out we need to put a whole new power line to the house which entails the city putting in some power line polls. Big Job, have not heard back from either one of them.

So if you run into Jo Bob, Tommy Jo, or Bobby at the local corner store or post office please tell them to give us a call.

Future Knit plans

I can not believe it is already August. Time for me to plan out the rest of my knits for the year. I am still working on my cabled wrap. I am on the last skein of yarn and hopefully will be finishing it soon.

Some things on my list for Fall & Winter

Fetching from the new Knitty. When I do work at the office I freeze my tail off. It is hard to type and get work done when you have to alternate sitting on your hands. A pair of fingerless gloves is way over due. Since I love cables this pattern caught my eye.

This is Lucy modeling her kitty pie bed

A kitty Pie for my boy Cosmo. This pattern is from Wendy over at Wendy Knits. There is a whole kitty pie photo gallery HERE, where cats are showing off their new beds. I have been meaning to make one for awhile now and feel I have neglected my mommy duties by not having made one yet.

Such a sweet boy, I am a monster neglecting his needs. 8)

Lastly my big project planned is Bridget – Jo Sharp Book number 2.
I have already swatched for this, I just need to cast on and get going if I want to wear it this winter.

That is it for now, back to painting for me.