September 14, 2006

Fleece Delivery

UPS dropped off a couple of boxes yesterday. To my surprise they were the alpaca fleeces shaved off our girls this season. I guess I did not really know what to expect or how much fleece comes off an alpaca. This is how much we got off of three of our girls Tasha, Emmy Leigh, Satine & one baby alpaca our Miss Bianca. I am thrilled. I do not have much time to do anything with it now but I plan to find a mill to process it for me and turn it into skeins of yarn.

I especially liked Tasha’s fleece. I love the rich dark color. I am glad we had a bay black baby this year, Zissou’s fleece should be real good next year come clipping time. Of course the white fleece is good too because you can dye them whatever color you want.