September 08, 2006

Oh Deer

The Guys working on the front pasture area removed the barbed wire that was around the old fence. I looked out the window one afternoon and spotted two lovely deer walking through the front yard. I love it. It was so cool to watch.

Knock Knock

One morning I sat down to my desk to start working and I heard a tapping on the wall above the desk. Then it got louder and sounded like knocking. I walked outside and around the house to find a BIG woodpecker peeking out of a hole in the side of the house. Not good. He quickly flew away and I was unable to get a good photo of him. We will need to cover up that hole.


I Picked up some yarn last weekend to start the Grandiflora afghan. We drove all the way to Hobby Lobby about an hour and a half drive away. I found some soft baby yarn.

It is Baby Bee Sweet Delight in colors “Berry Jam” & “Naked”. It should work nicely and once completed allow me to throw it in the washer when needed. Now to get up enough guts to cast on all those stitches.

Halloween Quilting

For the Sew I Knit along I picked up these two cool Halloween fabrics I plan to make quilted table runners with them. I am going to look in my fabric stash for some compatible fabric colors. I don’t have a pattern I am just going to wing it.