August 22, 2007

Stinky Weasel

If you have seen this guy lurking around my property give him a message from me. Tell him his days are numbered and he best be moving on.

Haley had a little chat with one of these skunks last Friday night when all through out the house not a creature was stirring except for Haley and the skunk. That morning we woke to the horrid smell that reeked through out the entire house. I can only assume Haley thought the skunk was a black and white cat. The score so far is Skunk one/Haley zero. All though I live out in the country and the smell was horrible, I decided against filling my tub full of tomato juice and drowning the dog in it. I called the vet to see if there was a new and improved formula for ridding ones bad dog of skunk smell. They gave me a recipe that consisted of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, & laundry soap. Mix ingredients into a paste then bathe dog with it. Several baths later and one new collar, she does not smell as bad.

Mom comes to visit

My mom came to visit for a few days. She had a great time getting to know the alpacas.

We took her to the county fair while she was here. These two Boer Goats were taken a little nap. How sweet they look.

Here are two that were wide awake and were looking for something to eat and settled with nibbling on Chris’s shorts.

I did not get the breed name of these two sheep. I was real taken with the one on the right with the freckled face and legs. I did a search but there are so many breeds of sheep and I am not sure what these two look like with all their fiber. Plus I needed to stop the search due to my growing interest in all the breeds I had found and the last thing we need at the moment is another type of livestock.

While my mom and I were out shopping and what not we stopped at a new nursery in a near by town. I found this beautiful Hoya house plant. Botanical name is Hoya Carnosa. I have seen the darker foliage almost purplish hoya plant but I don’t remember ever seeing one like this one. Plus I did not know they bloomed.

This is a close up of the cluster of star shaped flowers that grow along its vines.

Well things are getting back to normal. Mom is back in Florida. So play times over and it is back to the grind.