February 07, 2008

She had One Good Day

I am sorry to tell you our little new born took a turn for the worse and did not make it. We named her Siena.

She had one good day. That day she laid in the sun, and frolicked with Bugsy. Felt the wind on her face, and nibbled on the ground.

We tried everything we could to help her fight off what ever she had. Her last few days she spent at the Vet’s office. We still do not know what she had only that it was some kind of virus. Her symptoms were close to Meningitis, which is the inflammation of the protective membranes covering the central nervous system. Chris and I decided to donate Siena to the Camelid Reproduction Center of the Western Slope. In the hopes that her death will help educate and help prevent the lose of baby alpacas.

This has got to be the hardest part of owning livestock. Unfortunately these things happen. Right now I am focusing on the Mom, Never Ending Love. We brought Love home last night she had been at the vet’s office in case the baby needed any milk. She was happy to be home and back in the herd. Unfortunately she keeps looking for her baby. This should go away in a few days as she settles back into her life.

I am on baby watch. Do you remember these two characters Cookie Dough and Finder’s Keeper’s, well they are both due to have their baby any day now. I think that 2 healthy babies are exactly what I need right now.