December 19, 2007

Holiday Goodies

I think Starbucks is drugging me. I can not get through the holidays with out craving their peppermint mocha.

The Bird Lady

I am friend to the little feathered ones and also their nutrition worry wart. I try to get a variety of different kinds of seed, and alternate which ones I fill the feeder with. Next year I might get a bigger feeder. This one is a four seater and others will sit on top waiting for an opening and fly in for their turn.

Exotic Amaryllis

I like to plant Amaryllis bulbs in December. It usually takes about 8 weeks for them to bloom so it gives me something to watch grow through the winter months. This year I saw an exotic amaryllis bloom in a magazine. I had never seen anything like it. I knew I would give them a try this December. I ended up finding two bulbs and planted them in a large round planter with a variety of succulents planted around the bulb.

This one is Amaryllis Cybister Chico

This one is Amaryllis Cybister Emerald
I found them both at

Cookie Baking

This is the cookie list so far starting with top center and working around clockwise. Peppermint Bonbon, Mint Chippers, Coconut-Peanut, & Chocolate Peanut Butter chip fudge. I am happy to say they all turned out good. I usually have a batch that does not turn out how I thought they would. One year I made gingerbread cookies and they were like weapons. I made a ton of them and ended up throwing them all away. LOL. I have not tried to make them since.


I found this little sheep at Bath & Body Works. They also have a larger size. I like this little one. I hung it on my knitting cabinet.

I was searching through the Anthropologie clearance section and found this little guy. He is called South for the Winter Son. How cute is he with his little hat and bag.

Holiday Stocking

I have completed the cuff and am now working on the leg. Once you knit the cuff you turn the stocking inside out then start knitting the leg that way the cuff is inside out and is right side out when folded down. Do I think I will finish this stocking by Christmas? No, not unless it is a Christmas miracle. I am enjoying the fair-isle pattern, and my incentive to finish it is so I can start something new with the yarn I just got in Portland.