November 20, 2007

Holiday Break

Webshots photo by Don Paulsom
This is the photo I have on my screen savor.

Fall Color

We still have some trees with autumn colored leaves on them.

This one caught my eye like a beacon in the back of our property. The sun was shining through the leaves making it glow golden goodness.

Clearing Property

We hired someone to clear a section of our property. I picked a handful of trees I wanted to save and marked them with pink ribbon so he would not bull doze them over.

It only took the guy 2 days and he did an awesome job. We plan to build a barn next year on this cleared land and put some fencing up to add more pastures. With the land cleared it will be easy to plant some grass seed next spring.

Chris found this huge antler on the back of the property. It has 5 rungs which means I think 5 years. Our neighbor whom is a lumberjack told us that our ranch is on old Native American tribal grounds. If you look hard enough you can find arrow heads. If we actually wanted to dig deep enough we might be able to find some pottery and objects they might have used in their day to day living.

Christmas Stocking Update

I cast on for the Scandinavian Christmas Stocking. I am working on the Cuff. I love the color combo, makes me want a cup of cocoa with some raspberry syrup.

Chris and I are heading to Oregon to spend time with my In-laws for Thanksgiving. I might even get a chance to go to a LYS in Portland Oregon. I decided to make up a list of future knit projects and yarn requirements to bring with me so I am not a deer in head lights walking into a large yarn shop.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may all your wishbone dreams come true.