October 13, 2007

October Babies

We had two alpaca babies already this October. The one on the Left is Kiri’s, & the one on the right is Mimosa’s. Two beautiful Boys in tuxedoes.

Kiri had this little guy last Saturday so he is a week old today. It looks like he will be a dark silver grey color. He has great form and has exceeded in everything he does. He is a real dynamo.

Here is Mom in Babe enjoying some sunshine.

Mimosa had her baby on Wednesday. He was a little on the small side at birth but is doing great. This one looks like he will be a Rose grey color.

He is so sweet, I am trying real hard not to snatch him up and bring him in the house.

This is when he asks mom permission to go play with his new BFF. She replies ok but stay where I can see you.

Garden Harvest

Here are a few picks from my garden. They are all gourds except for the lil pumpkin. These things will be all over my house before the end of the season. I think I might plant even more types of gourds next year. They were so much fun to grow and to watch and see what shapes formed.

October Fest

As busy as we are we made time to run over to the local October Fest for Kettle Corn & some goodies. They had lots of craft booths. One of the booths was selling hand knits from Peru using alpaca yarn. It was so hard to choose one item I ended up with two. I really like that they have ear flaps. It gets so cold out here in the winter and since I am outside everyday with the alpacas these will keep me nice and toasty.

The Shelter

We have finally finished the exterior of the shelter we have been building forever. It is 30 x 20 and is big enough for all the alpacas to find a comfy spot to get out of the cold. We are working on getting it stained and building a few hay holders for inside.

Thanks so much for the compliments on the photos. It is a passion of mine. I literally take 100’s of photos a week. My camera is practically attached to my hand. I feel that there is beauty all around me and I want to capture it with my lens. I love being able to share them with you.