October 26, 2007

Spooktacular Weekend

I bought a bunch of pumpkins and have big plans for carving them up this weekend. I just love the month of October. I think my favorite seasons are spring and fall because they are the beginning of change.

This time of year I get the itch to make breads. These are both banana bread that I added peanuts and chocolate chips to the recipe. I usually make two loaves that way I can freeze one for later or even gift the second loaf. I also have cranberry bread and pumpkin bread on my list to make next. Better Homes and Gardens has been running a 100 days of holidays newsletter. They have some great recipes. Here is a link to their 25 yummy pumpkin recipes. I think I might make #5 the pumpkin pound cake to bring into the office for Halloween.

Baby Names

This little guy we decided to name Radley. It is an old English name that means “Red Meadow”.

This little guy we named Dorian Gray after the main character in Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. He is the one that was gifted everlasting youth.

The two of them get along great and have adventures every day. Here they are curiously watching Haley.

A bit of neck wrestling for two best buds, I Think Dorian is holding his ground. LOL


I have some bitter sweet news about Molly. I took Molly on a couple of play dates to a friend’s farm that has several goats. She just had a blast running and playing with the other goats. It was starting to get harder and harder to bring her back home. We got Molly as a working goat to help us with our weed situation in the pastures. Well Molly was a diligent worker and she would work from sun up to sun down eating those weeds. Don’t get me wrong she loved the alpacas and would try to get them to do goat things. After seeing her play with other goats I really just could not be selfish and felt she would be much happier with others like her. So Molly is enjoying her new home with a wonderful family of goats. I cried for days and could not even bring her name up with out a tear falling; it is probably why I did not mention it to you sooner. She was such a joy to have around. I still miss her but know she is doing great and is having the time of her life and may even have the chance to be a mommy one day.


Drum roll please. I am finally in. It took several months but I finally got the invite. At first I was very overwhelmed, but now I am so glad I joined. It is a great way to organize your knitting or crochet. It is a huge data base of patterns, yarns, photos, groups, pretty much everything and anything to do with knitting & crochet. If you want to find me my user name on Ravelry is AlpacaRose. I have also joined the Stocking Along group.

Christmas Stocking

I finally decided on a stocking to knit this Christmas. I started a tradition a couple of years ago and I knit a stocking every year. This is the Scandinavian Stocking from the book Christmas Stockings by Interweave Press. It was originally in the Interweave knits Magazine issue Winter 99/00. I bought some yarn at webs and am anxiously waiting its arrival. I went with some non-traditional colors and I think that is when I started to get excited about knitting a stocking this year.