April 09, 2006

Fabric Fun

I have this book Quilted Bags in a Weekend by Ellen Kharade. Very cool book with diagrams in the instructions for each bag.

I ran into Jo Ann’s Fabric store Saturday to grab a zipper to complete something I am making for my colorswap pal. I don’t know what I was thinking. I grabbed a cart (like a zipper is hard to carry). They were having a sale. I meandered down each aisle lusting after all the fabrics. I managed to pick out a handful all in the range of $3 a yard.
This is what I found:


I finally got all the plants in the ground. This morning I was hurting in places I forgot I had muscles. I feel like I ran a marathon. The planting of the new plants was not so bad it was the digging out the dead ones that took the most effort. My hands and arms are all beat and scratched up. Even wearing long sleeves and gloves only helped a little.

Home Contractor

We met with a builder last Friday to discuss what we want in a home. We sat down and the guy took a list of all the things we wanted and he wrote three pages out. Then he pulled out one of the plans he had been working on and laid it in front of us. We took one look at it and said WOW! That’s it, build that one. It had everything that was on our list. That guy is good. Plus we save money on choosing a plan that is already worked up compared to him designing a new one.

The only unfortunate part is it will probably take around 7 months to build. That is where we are at so far. I will be happy when we close on the loan for the land & construction, then every thing can get started. Looks like it will still be awhile for that.