June 08, 2006

June Blue

The project spectrum color for June is Blue. I thought I would dig through my stash and pull out all the blue yarn. Not much blue in the stash. Top left is Mama-E-‘s cyber fiber sock “June Bug”. Top Right is Lorna’s Shepherd Sock in color sand ridge 112. Bottom Left is Mountain Colors Hand painted Mohair-Lupine. Bottom Middle is Rowan Chunky Cotton Chenille-SH394. Lastly bottom Right is Lion brand Wool ease-denim. I don’t have any plans with the blue yarn this month I am still working on my green stole from last month.

Blue Project

I did find this cool Hawaiian print fabric at Wal-Mart for $2 a yard. I am planning to make some chair pad covers for my Wicker chairs. I have a round wooden table that is currently outdoors and I have 4 wicker chairs I use with the table and I also move around and use some in the home. When we move to the new home I plan to move the table and chairs in doors to use as the kitchen table. I think the new chair pad covers will be a nice touch.

News on the Home

We have finally come to agreement with the seller on the home and are now finishing up the last minute things like the survey and getting the septic cleaned out. We are shooting for a June 16th closing and have booked movers for the 23rd. That gives me about two weeks to pack up the entire house. SCARY!

I really hope everything gets done with the bank and processing to make that June 16th closing deadline. I would like that week to be able to get a few things done at the new place before our stuff gets moved in. There is one room I would desperately like to paint before furniture gets moved into the space.