May 19, 2006

Docked In Hilo

We arrived in Hilo Sunday morning. Hilo is on the East side of the big island. As you can see it was rainy, wet & windy.

We had breakfast at the Skyline Restaurant. This is the main dinning room and we would eat most of our breakfasts here.

Chris and I rented a car and planned to go to see a botanical garden and some waterfalls, but when we got in the shuttle to the rental car the driver told us the road we would have taken was flooded and closed. So we decided to take another rd and check out the volcano.

Here is the crater. When we drove down to get a closer look, the fumes kind of stick in your throut and make you cough a little. It was very interesting.

I found it amazing to see a plant growing out of the lava rock.

We even ventured into the lava tube. It was wet and scary. We were glad we brought the windbreakers.

We headed back to the ship. I decided I did not care for Hilo too much rain and miserable conditions. Back to the sanctuary of the ship. Of course the ship had a couple of shops to explore before dinner.

Newbury street shops on board

We had dinner at Jefferson’s Bistro. It was the ships version of a French restaurant. All four of us met for dinner. Soon after appetizers my step mom was feeling sea sick and had to leave to rest in her room. She took motion sickness pills from then on out. We all felt bad for her, it is a miserable feeling.