June 04, 2006

Summer Begins

June is here and another summer has begun. I already feel like I am running in place and have two many things to do this season. I spotted this too cool item in a magazine.

This is the Ice Cream Excursion Basket buy Red Envelope

This basket looks like summer to me. How cool would it be to have this and fill it with your favorite gallon of ice cream. Head out to a nice sunny spot with the ones you love to waste away the afternoon. Then to dish out the ice cream while watching the sunset for a perfect end to a perfect day. What a great idea.

Baby Name

We finally decided on a name for our newest member. We named her Miss Bianca. We are big Disney fans and tend to lean towards Disney character names. She was named after the Hungarian mouse Miss Bianca in the Disney Movie titled The Rescuers. We still have three more babies left to be born this year. One is due on the 15th and the other two are due on the 19th of June. Miss Bianca was born several weeks past her due date so we are thinking the other three might come late also.

Home News

This is the home that has been in the works. It is a 3 bedroom two bath sitting on 11 acres. We just got word that the appraisal was done and came in way under the agreed upon purchase price. I am not sure why this keeps happening to us. We will know more next week. Basically realtors will need to talk and then the sellers will need to decide if they will sell it to us for the appraisal price. The bank will only loan you according to the appraisal price of the property.

We have our fingers crossed that the sellers want to sell and move on. If the Sellers decide they want more money and will hold on to the property then we are back to square one for the fifth time. If this one does not go through we are definitely dumping our Realtor and looking for another one.

The Garden

This is my Mimosa tree. It is in bloom now and is covered with these pink fluffy blooms. I love everything about this tree. I love the intense green color of the leaves and how light and airy they look fluttering in the breeze. I love how the blooms are fluffy pink powder puffs. Plus the name itself is wonderful “Mimosa”. Champaign bubbles with sweet fruit juice.

This weekend Chris and I ventured into the yard to start the clean up and assess the situation. Chris is in charge of the lawn, and let me tell you it was in desperate need of some attention. This is also the time of year we check the irrigation system. My least favorite part of this garden is fixing the irrigation system. Chris handles the lawn sprinklers which is pretty much to make sure they are not clogged and they are facing the right direction.

I am in charge of the rest of the irrigation system, all the pipes and extensions that wonder to & fro beneath the surface. Unfortunately there were three areas of the piping I found that had sprung leaks. This is bad because when there is a leak any plants further down that pipe does not get the water it needs. It also is bad because I need to dig it up and cut the tube in half then put a coupler over it to stop the leak. This means trip to Lowes standing in front of the wall of small irrigation parts to find the exact one you need. Then once home dealing with fitting these parts onto the piping. Lots of cursing & crying and your hands get so sore trying to get the darn thing tightly into place so as to prevent leaks. Then once done you need to stick the piping back in the ground.

I am happy it is all fixed and all plants are getting water. The only thing is I am feeling the burn. I can barely walk and I feel like I did a million squats with 100 pound weights.

Looks like the peaches are growing. We have three dwarf peach trees and they are already starting to fruit.

Time to bust out the BBQ baby, pour yourself some lemonade and let the SUMMER BEGIN!