May 25, 2006

Lilies in Bloom

The lilies have started to bloom. This is their third year blooming. They never disappoint. The color each year seems to be more vibrant than the last.

Summer Reading Challenge

I signed up for the summer reading challenge. I am challenging myself to read the first and second book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabolden.

Outlander- 627 pages

Dragonfly in Amber-743 pages

Although I have already started Outlander they are both very long and this will definitely be a challenge for me to read them both by the end of the summer. I am relishing the challenge because I am only a little over a 100 pages into the first one and it is very good. So if you have been meaning to read some books and never seem to have the time. Pop on over to challenge your self to make the time. Sign up HERE.

Wrap Progress

This is as far as I got on my wrap. I am enjoying the pattern and the yarn. I was hoping to be further along but steady as she goes.

Memorial Day weekend

Chris and I are spending the holiday weekend with Chris’s Grandparents. They live in Southern Oregon. A small town called Grants Pass. We will be staying at an Inn that is on the Rouge River.

Chris’s Grandma has been diagnosed with Lung cancer and has been given a 3 to 4 month life expectancy. This has been shocking news to all of us due to the fact she has never smoked. It will be great to see them and spend time with them in their little neck of the woods.

Have a Great Weekend!