September 19, 2006

My House in a Cloud

The other day I felt like I was in a Scooby Doo episode. My house was sitting in a cloud as thick as pea soup. You could not see very far from where you were standing.

Fence Progress

Here is a photo of the old fence posts.

Here is a pile of the new material for the front pasture.

Here are a couple of the railroad ties in place. I was surprised how much they cost. When I was a kid we lived a couple years in Mississippi. When they worked on the railroad nearby our house my Dad gathered us kids and we would go pick up the old railroad ties that they left beside the tracks. We would drag them home and Dad would use the ties to border his flower beds. I think I got my love of gardening from my Father.

Of course I mowed one too many lawns as a kid and prefer to leave the lawn mowing to Chris.

Halloween Table Topper

I did work on my quilted table topper. I put a black border around the panel & have been making some strips for the sides. I am cutting out squares of Purple & green fabric for the strips.

I think I will use this pumpkin fabric for the back that way I can use either side of the topper.

Busy Month

This month is crazy busy for me. Lots to get done before October, I have a couple trips planned next month and need to get more of the indoor painting done before I run out of time. We have family coming in November for Thanksgiving and I would like to have the painting all done before they get here. Plus my sister-n-law might stay over one weekend in October and our guest room is packed full of boxes. I have not unpacked everything yet because we are still painting and it makes it easier to not have to move around a ton of stuff to do the painting.

This week I am working on the guest bathroom. We took out the ugly wood medicine cabinets, gold shower doors, and wood accessories. For now I am going to put up some primer then a coat of paint, can’t wait to paint over that dark color.