October 07, 2006

Visiting Family

I got back from Florida Wednesday night. I had a wonderful time visiting my family. This photo was taken in my sister’s front yard. She has done a wonderful job with the landscaping and making it look natural to the area.

Sunday was the big family Barbeque. Lots of food and good times to be had. Here is a photo of me and my Dad.

My sister did a wonderful job putting this event together. People popping in and out all day long and she had enough food to cover everyone. I am not much of a large party person. I prefer small groups. I was very impressed at how well prepared she was. You Go Girl!

Monday at Epcot

Monday my Mom, Sister, Brother & I spent the day at Disney’s Epcot Center for the Food and Wine Festival.

Here I am with Jasmine. Dude check out her abs!

Here is the four of us at Le Cellier in Canada’s section eating lunch. The Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup is sooooo tasty. I will need to see if I can find the recipe.

We went to the tea shop in England’s section of the world showcase. I was so happy to find the Twinings Christmas Tea. They only sell it seasonally and it is my favorite tea. I should have grabbed more but I only had one suitcase. I also found this adorable mug “Snowy Christmas” a DUNOON English pottery.

I had a blast hanging with my peeps all day at one of my favorite places “Disney World.”

It is good to be home.