December 04, 2006

Can't Help Myself

There is a new knit along that started Dec 1. It is called Stranded the colorwork challenge. I really enjoy knitting with multiple colors and enjoy the end result even more. I could not help myself but to join this knit along.

I plan to knit this two color hat with flaps. I have been very cold these last couple of days outside getting ready for the alpacas so a hat with flaps is a necessity. If I am going to look like a dork I might as well do it with style. There is also a sock and mitten pattern that matches the hat that I might knit also.

The Knit hat pattern is from this pattern book Dalegarn NR 130.
I ordered some Heilo yarn in a cranberry color and an off white color. I ordered them from Bea Ellis knitwear.

This will not be my first Fair Isle knit. My first large Fair Isle project was the Rowan Tote. I use this bag all the time.

Christmas Stocking Progress

The stocking is coming along nicely. The top flap looks great. I just need to knit until I reach 13 ½ inches then put a strand of yarn in to mark the heel. Then it gets tricky if I can remember how to do short rows.

Alpaca Arrival

Chris and I went to the feed supply store and bought our first 10 bales of hay. We also picked up a couple bags of pellets and a bucket that plugs in so their water won’t freeze.

The transport arrived Sunday late afternoon. They had been on the transport since Tuesday. The transport went all over the place picking up alpacas and dropping them off. They were in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico & Texas. There appears to be alpaca farms all over the place.

Here is a photo of the 6 of them. They seem to like it here. I am so glad we decided to set up the pastures in the front, because we can see them out all the windows. It is hard not to pass a window and not stare at them. I can see them real good out the kitchen window. Cleaning up the kitchen never was this much fun.

On the left is Momma Sateen and the little white one is her baby Kingsley.
In the middle the little black one is Zissou and his Mom to the right is Emmy Leigh.

Lying down in front is Tasha she is Momma to the little brown one Miss Bianca.
Emmy Leigh is behind.

It is such a thrill to finally have them here and they like their home we set up for them.