October 25, 2006

Delivered as Promised

Yes our luggage arrived the next day around 5 pm. Only one casualty a ceramic frog I had bought was broken in many pieces. Fortunately it only cost a couple of pesos. They really throw those bags around next time any breakables I will carry on the plane with me.

I am glad I doubled bagged the liquid stuff because the Pepto-Bismol we had brought exploded in the bag. Everything was covered in pink liquid that was in the bag. Thank goodness it did not get out and onto everything else in the suitcase. Also, a good tip if you are going to Mexico bring some Pepto because you will need it. I believe it is called Montezuma’s Revenge. It hit Chris on Monday & I got it on Wednesday. It was not too bad since we were prepared.

Now to get the full trip report written and photos downloaded. I should get it posted by today or tomorrow.