May 23, 2008


Yippee, we made it to the long holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I have been craving crepes with cream cheese and fresh strawberries for months now. I have never made them before and am a little intimidated. So I thought I would make some chocolate chip pancakes instead. These were delicious with butter and syrup. One of these days I will make crepes.

Doll’s Baby

Little Lightening Doll finally had her baby. It’s a white girl.

Doll is a first time mommy and she is doing great. I was a little worried after she gave birth some of the other females whom just had their boys weaned and removed from their pasture, tried to claim the baby as theirs. It was kind of funny one would walk over to the baby and be like this one looks good I called it she is mine. Then another would walk over and say no I think this one will be mine. I ended up putting Doll and her new baby in a separate pen the first 2 days so they could bond and have their space.

Kisses from Mom

She is a sweet little girl.

The fiber on her looks amazing. It is nice and thick and so very soft and curly. We have not named her yet. I was trying to think of something that went with her moms name, and Chris is leaning towards white flower names.

The Barn Progress

We were hoping to have the barn done by the end of May, no such luck. They have completed the dirt work. They also trenched out around for the posts and built a frame on the ground to guide where the posts go.

They plan to start pouring cement next Wednesday. I won’t hold my breath.

My Garden

This is what the garden looked like this year before I weeded it out in preparation for planting.

Here is a photo of one side all weeded and I also added compost and manure this year to better the soil. I have planted blueberries, birdhouse gourds, Turk’s Turban squash, Bunny’s Tail Ornamental grass, Flaming Feather, & three varieties of Peonies: Bowl of beauty, Emile Debatene, & Sarah Bernhardt. Oh and also planted 3 stalks of Lily of the Valley. Not much going on yet hopefully will see some thing soon.

I did start a couple of seeds inside. These are Lobelia & Pansies. My friend gave me one of those planters that hang over the porch railing and you plant on both sides into the pockets. I plan to put these in there to see if it works.

Mad about Plaid

I have been seeing a lot of patchwork plaid everywhere. Like these American Eagle Bermuda shorts.

Also this JCrew Madras Cabana bag.

So I have started cruising the clearance fabric bins and looking for pastel plaids. I did not want the lumber jack flannel Christmas red or green. This is what I have so far. I think I might make a summer table cloth or quilt and possibly a hand bag with the leftovers.

New Knits

I am planning to cast on soon for this wonderful vest. It is named Bette and is in Louisa Harding’s Winter Muse Classics. I have been looking over the pattern and it is not an easy one. I have even tried to find another vest pattern that might be quicker and less thinking involved, but just could not find anything I like as much. This will be a torcher knit I can already feel it. At least it is a vest and no sleeves are needed. I plan to give myself as much time as I need and hopefully will be able to get it done by the end of summer.

Here is the yarn I have chosen. It is Filatura Di Crosa Wave in color 02 cream. It is a 75% merino wool/25% silk blend.

Hope all of you have a wonderful long weekend. I am planning for it to be filled with lots of sewing and knitting with some reading on the side.