March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Webshots photo
Easter caught me off guard this year. It is earlier than usual.

A favorite Easter dessert for me is Carrot cake. This picture above is from the epicurious website of the recipe Tropical Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting. Oh man that sounds good. You can find the recipe HERE.

I found these knitted Peeps a couple of days ago on Kat’s blog. She posted the pattern last year. Even though I am a little late for Easter I think I might still make a few of these. They are so cute. You can find the pattern HERE.

My plan today is to do whatever I feel like doing. Next week is going to be busy for me, so I am claiming today for myself. My day will probably consist of wondering around the blogs catching up on what everyone is up to. Possibly do some sewing. I just picked up the DVD Atonement and might loose my self in romance while working on current knits.

Palm Springs Photos
I will leave you with some photos from my trip.

Palm Trees of course

No shortage of palm trees.

These were everywhere, growing up light posts & fences.

Here are some more Bougainvilleas. Breathtaking.

Alicia and I spent a lot of time at the outlets, but when we managed to break away from shopping we did find a couple of good places to grab some cocktails and good eats. The photo above was taken at Taps Fish House & Brewery. This place was conveniently located at the Promenade shops in Corona. We popped in for happy hour cocktails and some appetizers. Another restaurant we found that was great is called Chez Philippe French Bistro. This place was walking distance from our hotel downtown Palm Springs. It was a bit spendy but well worth the cost. They had an outdoor seating area which was great for people watching.

A red Ferrari & a green Lamborghini behind it. I spotted these two while walking up the streets in Palm Springs. The people around here like their cars.

Lemon tree

Bird of Paradise

Here are a couple of horses out to pasture. All the locals had mentioned they had gotten lots of rain this year and that is why all the hills were green. Most of my photos were of the flora in the area. It was so nice to see everything in bloom. The air smelt of spring.