July 01, 2008

Cherry Oh

There is nothing like a cherry festival to get you in the mood for summer.

This year we came away with a cherry pie, 2 jars of honey, and a bag of Carmel pistachio popcorn.

I ended up making this lovely cherry coffeecake with the leftover cherries. I modified the recipe a little using fresh cherries instead of canned pie filling. I just pitted and chopped cherries in half and poured a bit of sugar over them and let sit for an hour in the fridge. A few other modifications to the recipe: I added cinnamon to the cake part and used chopped almonds instead of pecans in the topping. You can find the recipe HERE.

Last Baby of the Season

Schaherazade had her baby, and it’s a little brown girl. This is Schar’s first baby.

First steps with mom watching her little girl’s technique.

Schar takes her baby out to explore the pasture.

It was a big day for the two of them. Schar relaxes and chews her cud while baby snuggles close by.

Tagged for Meme
I was tagged by Karin for the Front door/Back door Meme.

I cringed a little about being tagged for this one because I don’t care for any of the doors in this house. Eventually we will replace the front door with something more to our taste, but around here the animals come first so the door is on the bottom of a very long list. So here is the front door. It is filthy, with all of us traipsing in and out with muddy shoes this door does double time for dirt display.

The front door was not the feature that sold me on this place it was definitely the large front porch that won me over. This porch is awesome. The sun rises in front of the porch and makes it toasty for sitting with a cup of coffee and a bagel. It also is the best spot in the afternoon since it is shaded and harbors a nice breeze.

The back door, I don’t think you can get more rustic than this. One of these days I will get a group of friends together and have a sandpaper party. The whole back porch and door could use a good sanding.

I couldn’t show the doors with out showing the dog door. This was one of the first projects we did when we moved in. It is a big deal to cut a whole in your house. It took Chris and I a while to make the first cut, there is really no going back after that. It turned out great and a blessing not having to let the dogs out & in all day long.

I suppose to tag a few, how about Lauren, Kristen, Kelly & Alicia want to show us your front & back door? I would love to see everyone’s doors so if you read this blog go ahead and grab the meme if you like.