September 15, 2008

Twisted Saturday

These sketchers I have had forever or at least 9 years. Back in their day they were cute and even sparkly. I loved the fact that they had no laces and you just slip them on. They are the pair that I kept near the door and the ones I slipped on when having to go check on the alpacas, the mail, or even to see what the dogs are into outside.

Our Saturday started out normal Chris left with the trailer around 8 am heading to Lowes to get a pallet of the wood pellets we use for the stove. The temperature has started to drop and it is only a matter of time before we start running the pellet stove regularly. He got back after 9 with the goods. We keep the bags of pellets stacked on the back porch so we can get to them easily. I slipped on some jeans and my old sneaks (photo above) and headed out the back to help unload the bags and stack them. Chris was driving the jeep towing the trailer through the back yard to position the trailer as close to the back porch as possible so we would not have to travel too far with the bags.

He only made it about half way when his transmission died. It sounded terrible and we think it was stuck in neutral. Unfortunately we were not even close to the back porch with the trailer when the car died. At this point our stress level began to grow. Chris decided to go get the tractor to see if he could push the trailer from behind to get it closer to the porch. He was able to move it a little bit closer. He got off the tractor and tried his jeep again, yes it is confirmed the transmission is broken. Every moment that passes the stress lvl is increasing. The jeeps front end was close to the dog door at this point and of course Brandy chose this moment to come out of it. Since she is practically blind and deaf I ran over and stopped her half way out the door and pushed her back in the house afraid she might get hurt in the drama that was taking place outside. Once I got her in, I turned on the steps and my goal was to run and get through the back porch to close the dog door to prevent the mongrels from getting out. I am not sure how it happened but I missed the last step and landed on my ankle in a falling motion with a twist. When I hit the ground I immediately felt sharp pains and I grabbed my ankle. Of course with all that was going on in the dark abyss of Saturday morning I could not contain myself and started to cry uncontrollably while lying on the ground where I landed clutching my ankle. Chris of course witnesses my whole graceful maneuver and he was beyond his breaking point.

After I released all my tension in a river of tears and Chris had moments of beastly rage where he released his tension by making animal like noises to the gods of despair. I realized that I had to pull myself together because that is my roll I push on and get things done even when it feels impossible. Chris was overwhelmed with the situation and I knew we would not get passed this point with out me moving forward. He was worried about me being pregnant and maybe needing to go to the hospital to have my ankle checked. So I got up and although I had pain in my ankle I could tell it was not broken. I also knew I had a little bit of time before it got worse so I would go on the adrenalin and the shock of the accident.

After getting up Chris noticed the shoes I was wearing and told me to immediately throw those pieces of trash away. He was right, I knew it was time to let them go. Of course I took some photos of them before tossing them in the trash. It felt weird.

So I went inside put on some lace up boots and went back outside and I steered the jeep while Chris pushed the back end of the trailer with the tractor. We got it into position and I stayed on the trailer handing him the bags one by one all 50 of them. I just tried to stay in one spot and just pivoted around trying to keep most of my weight on my good foot.

We went inside Chris called the repair place and eventually they came and towed his jeep away to be looked at on Monday and we have no idea when we will see it again. Here is Chris watching his car being set by the tow truck. I think we both felt a loss, him and his car and me and my old shoes.

With all the chores done I propped my foot up and iced my ankle. It did not look bad but it hurt. That evening it hurt so badly I ended up giving in and took one Tylenol. I really miss Ibuprofen, but I am not aloud to have it while pregnant. Chris wrapped my ankle and that seemed to help. I kept ice on it all evening trying to num it. All weekend I have been keeping off it and trying to keep it elevated. I think in a few more days it will be as good as new. I will keep my fingers crossed the jeep will have as good a turn out.

I am an optimist at heart, even when life comes at you hard. I think that if you learn from your experiences and you always get back up after a fall and brush your self off. You are going to be ok, and be more prepared the next time life knocks you down.