November 02, 2008

Daylight Savings

We get an extra hour today due to daylight savings. I wish I was able to sleep that extra hour. We were both up at 5am. So I got up and plopped myself in front of the computer. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.

Here is a photo of some of my Turkish Turbans from my crop this year. I just love the color variations and how they are kind of shaped like acorns. I think I will plan to plant more next year.

Being pregnant, a girl has her cravings and I was craving caramel apples. So I could not help but whip up a batch for Halloween. This is the first time I ever made these. Being my first time I learned a few things. I bought a bag of organic apples and a few of them had some spots that needed to be cut out. The caramel does not stick to the cut spots, so if you are making these for other people it might be best to hand pick the apples. Also even though I placed them on wax paper the caramel still stuck to it, so I recommend spraying the paper before placing the caramel apples on it. Overall they turned out wonderful and delicious, I recommend a tarter apple, they go well with the sweet caramel.

Sabrina is doing great. She is real spunky and a fast runner.

She and Jasmine have become good friends. They are both very independent and are often off by them selves on their own adventures separate from the herd checking in with their moms on occasion for a milk break.

My favorite tree is turning colors. Most of the trees around here are evergreen, but we do see a touch of red and yellow here and there. We have started using the pellet stove in the morning due to temperatures around 30 degrees F. The cold weather has me itching to pick up my knitting again. I think I will look through my unfinished projects and see what is calling me to finish for the winter.