April 26, 2006

Critters Among Us

I came face to face with this little guy the other day. I snuck back inside to grab my camera. When I came back he was still there. We had a stand off. I took a few pictures. I could not help but feeling like he was trying to tell me something. Maybe he wanted to say to stay hopeful and you never know what is around the bend. Or maybe he just wanted me to go inside so he could get to our grass in the front yard and eat lunch. What ever he wanted I was glad to have run into him.

Thank You

I want to thank all of you for all the hopeful comments. It means a lot to me and I appreciate every single one of them. Most things I let roll off my shoulders but sometimes it will stick with me. This was one of those times. So thank you, I am officially brushing off and picking myself up and am looking forward to what may come.

Funny Birds

There is a large family of quail that has put our back yard on their daily walk. They crack me up. These birds are the ones that would prefer to walk rather than fly. They have that funny thing hanging from their heads and are always fun to watch strut around the yard. These photos were taken through the window so are not the best quality. Spring is always a wonderful time to catch wild life.

A Second Look

Thursday after work hubby and I are taking a second look at this house that is for sale. There is plenty of acreage for what we plan to do. The house has great views of the forest. Originally we crossed this one out the first time because we were afraid of predators out in the woods that might want to harm our alpacas. The truth is there is predators every where out in the country and the important thing is to have proper fencing. The house is not really our style but it is move-in ready. It could work. Another bonus is that the price has been reduced since we originally looked at it. So we are going to give it a second look and see if it is right for us.


I worked on this little embroidery last Sunday, or should I say it worked me. I got the pattern from one of those stitch it kits. You just iron the pattern on to the fabric and the ink image sets onto the fabric. Then you just put it in the loop and try your best with a needle and some floss. I had not done anything like this since my days of cross stitch. I plan to use it in a new bag I am making for my up coming vacation.