April 30, 2006

One Down

I finished my first Rainbow sock, just one more to go. I had trouble with the turn heel and ripped it out twice till I finally got it right. I had not knit socks in awhile and I know you are just supposed to follow the pattern and not think about it. Well one line I did not think at all and miss read it twice. It fits nicely.

Bunny Sweater

A friend of mine recently got a dwarf bunny and named it Smokey.
I found this photo on Cuteoverload. I sent it to my friend and asked if she wanted me to knit a sweater for Smokey. She laughed. I guess that means no.

Next Project

This is a stole pattern from the book Lavish Lace. It is called Parrot House. I will probably use it more as a wrap for around my shoulders. I really like the cable pattern and like how it has a little bit of thickness to it compared to most lace work. This is probably the project I will bring with me to work on while on vacation. Here is a close-up of the pattern.

Thorns A Plenty

This is one of the rose bushes that came with our home when we bought it four years ago. This rose bush is the thorniest rose bush I have ever seen. It literally hurts to take care of it. Each year I threaten to remove this one and many of the others that came with the home due to how thorny they are. When they start to bloom and put on this wonderful show I can’t bring my self to digging them up. The blooms almost look like peonies they have so many petals.