June 28, 2006

Moved In

Although we are a good drive from most conveniences the one thing I like so far is how close we are to fresh produce. Chris and I stopped at a road stand a couple miles down the road. They had fresh cherries for $2 a pound. They are the best cherries I have ever had. I noticed two cherry trees on our property but looks like the birds ate all the cherries. At the new place the garden & landscaping is almost nonexistent. I will need to start from scratch and add to it as I go.

Already started home projects

We moved in last Friday. What an ordeal. I packed myself and hired movers to move the stuff to the new place. We live on a road that winds up the mountain and there was concern that the moving truck would not make it up. Thankfully they did.

The biggest project last weekend was putting in a dog door. It is a major hassle to open the door every time the dogs wanted to go outside. So a dog door was high priority. It took us two days to put this in and build the steps. It kind of looks like we have Hobbits living here.


One of my favorite things of this house is the large front porch. It gets morning sun and has a gentle breeze in the afternoon. I am already day dreaming of once everything gets put away and done inside the house and spending quality time on that porch relaxing with a good book or some knitting.

Pain in the Butt

This is the back porch door. It is my enemy. It looks nice and seems to be friendly but don’t be fooled. While we were putting in the dog door, we had the extension cord winding through the house and out this door. I was trying to hold the electric saw and pull the cord to give more slack. I pushed my back end against the door to hold it open while maneuvering. I was suddenly aware that I had received a bite from the door in the form of splinters in my ass. The beauty about living in the country I did not hesitate to instantly pull my shorts back and have Chris assist me with removing the splinters. He could hardly see due to the fact he was laughing so hard. Unfortunately this was not the only splinter incidences of the weekend. Both Chris and I had our fair share of moments with the tweezers pulling splinters out of our hands from the siding. Dude if I get my hands on an electric sander look out I am going to go to war with the wood around this place.

Nice Long Weekend
Well thank goodness there is a long holiday weekend. Chris and I have a long list of things to do to the house. We live right next to a National Forest so fireworks are prohibited due to how dry it is this year. Of course there will be celebrating and clinking of glasses to toast our progress of our new journey.