June 12, 2006

Packing Progress

First here is an update on my stole. I really like this Cascade yarn. It knits up real nice. I think it would work well in a fisherman’s sweater with lots of cables. It is not too heavy, very flexible and comes in lots of colors.


This weekend I was mostly cleaning out and getting rid of things I don’t want to pack or move. I am finding lots of cool things.

These I found in one of Chris’s old boxes. They are all Junior Deluxe Edition Classics published in the 1950’s.

I collect cards. Mostly ones with great art work or just ones that caught my eye, or made me laugh.

Here is a card I have in my collection. It is a Hallmark Fresh/ink.

The caption reads

“ …and in their purses were candy bars. How happy were they?”

I just love that. To start with as a kid I loved cats, and kittens were even better. If I was that age and I had a kitten to hold and was dressed snazzy with a cute little purse and to top it off to have a chocolate candy bar. That day would just be bursting with happiness.

New shows

Treasure Hunters on NBC starts this Sunday the 18th and will air regular night on Mondays. I think this might be good. I like the Amazing race & Survivor so this will probably get me through the summer. Also it is being produced by Ron Howard so it can’t be too bad.

Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet Friday nights. Did anyone else catch this one? I taped it and watched it Saturday while knitting. It was real cute. A 10 year study was done on this family of Meerkat’s and now has been put into a show. It is narrated by Sean Astin. It tells the story of the Whisker family headed by Flower the Female Mom. They showed two 30minute episodes last Friday and I am hooked and can’t wait to find out what happens next.