July 07, 2006

Three Boys

The last three of our momma alpacas finally gave birth to their babies.
Here is the line up.

The is Zissou – bay black male, Emmy Leigh’s baby
That is Emmy in the photo playing the part of proud mamma next to baby Zissou.

This is Kingsley – light fawn male, Satine’s baby

This is Klaus – beige male, Teresa’s baby
Klaus is a German name and the au is pronounced with an OW sound.

Wow three boys. Geez, thank goodness we already got one female baby Miss Bianca from Tasha. If you have not guessed it yet the boys were named after characters from the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. These three boys are my team Zissou. LOL, now I just need to knit the three of them red hats.

We have had a meeting with someone whom will be building our fences and getting us set up for our alpacas to arrive. The four original girls are being rebred at this time and will be able to transport them home 60 days after conception. The eight of them will be coming home hopefully by the end of September or beginning of October. So we need to get this place set up ASAP.