December 13, 2008

First Snow

We had our first snow of the season this past week. I love to watch it from the windows. Snow seems to make every thing look fresh and cleaner.

The part of snow I do not care for is when I go out to do my daily alpaca chores. It is so cold your face and your buns freeze even though you are bundled in many layers. The alpacas have all grown at least a couple inches of fleece and don’t seem to mind the cold. They just don’t like the wind. When it gets windy they run for the shelters. This time of year I am always grateful that we put in heated automatic wateriers for the alpacas. If they were not heated I would need to go out and break up the ice every hour.


We have had electrical issues since we moved in a couple years ago. The main problem was that the original owners and builders of the house opted for the cheap route and drew the power to the house from the main road. Unfortunately this is a long distance and the wiring was not as good as it would be with a pole near the house. Anytime the heat or air would come on the lights would flicker. Or even if we turned on the vacuum you would notice the draw from the power. After many meetings and months with the electric company the day finally came when they put in the new power pole. It sits between the house and the barn, and we plan to have 2 meters one for the house and one for the barn. Here they are putting the main pole in.

They had to put another pole out near the road that they connected the city power to and this is what they would use to connect our pole to the main power line. Every time I would see the guy on top of the pole just hanging there with a strap, I got nervous. That is one job that would not be for me. Getting all the power switched over to the new pole and getting the new meters in will happen some time next year. Everything takes forever around here to get anything done. Small towns are on a different time schedule than the rest of the world.


I have been working like crazy on this stocking. I am actually a little further than this photo. Last night I nearly finished the heel turn. I would really like to get this done by next week.


I was able to get the tree up and put out the decorations. It all turned out pretty nice. I still have some last minute decorating I am working on. I am making holiday seat cushion covers for the dinning room table. Right now the covers are in a Hawaiian theme and they just don’t go with the whole Holiday stuff around it. I also plan to make an orange pomander for the season.

This Christmas my in-laws are coming to stay with us for the week. We will have an extra 4 people to celebrate the holidays with. We are planning to mostly bum around the house and relax. I am looking forward to spending time with them and catching up on everyone’s lives. So this week my list is long and I am hoping to add to the list a few homemade gifts. If I actually get everything done I would like, I will be applying for my Super Woman license. LOL