August 28, 2008

Bronte's Baby Girl

Bronte had her baby this week. She had a beautiful little black girl.

She is a smart one. She was up and trying to walk about 10 minutes after being born, and soon after that she was looking to milk.

Her fiber when the light hits it just right looks like velvet. She is real sweet and Bronte is a great mommy.

Florida for the Weekend

webshots photo

I am heading to Florida this holiday weekend for my Dad’s retirement party. It should be lots of fun. Chris is on baby watch and will be staying home. We have one alpaca past due and another one due this weekend. I hope they both wait till I get home before they have them. I always hate to miss the new babies being born.

Have a great weekend!

August 16, 2008

Thank You

Thank you every one for all your kind well wishes and congrats. It means a lot to me. Some of you have been with me for several years and I truly feel blessed to have you.

Barn Progress

The building itself is pretty much done. Right now they are wiring the electricity and putting up the lights. There is a small 10 by 8 room off of that little door you see from the front. I plan to use that to store fiber, and what not. They still need to pour the front cement slab that will be under that front awning. Also with all the rain we have been having we plan to put gutters to get the flow of water to the back of the barn.

Here is a side view. We chose to use a few clear panels on the roof to let in the natural light. This will save on electricity so we will only need to use the lights at night if we are out there. We are keeping the barn open inside and plan to use movable panels that we can configure it however we need to for the alpacas. There is a cement slab in the front inside that we plan to store the hay and feed. I really hope this is done by September because we really need to start working on the fencing and get that done before winter.

My Garden

My Turk’s Turban squash are doing great. Actually out of all the things I planted these are about the only things I have to show for it. The blueberry plants are still there but at the rate they are growing I might see blueberries in 10 years. Maybe by next year they will have a larger growth rate if they make it through the winter.

We have had so much rain I found this mushroom in my garden. Mushrooms are rare in New Mexico. I probably took about 30 pictures of this mushroom, I was all laying on the ground trying to get under neath it. LOL. I think it is really cool like there should be a little gnome or fairie under it.

Feeling Lately

To be honest this whole past week I have felt nausous & queezy. My taste buds are all out of whack. Some things that were a staple in my diet that I could have eaten every day for the rest of my life I suddenly cant stand to be near it. Right now I am into Orange juice. I have not drank this in a long time except for maybe on vacation. Suddenly it is the best thing in the world. I also have been eating honey nut cheerios with a sliced banana. It is heavenly. I cant remember the last time I ate cheerios. Fall can not come soon enough as far as I am concerned. I think I will feel much better then.

August 06, 2008

I am Pregnant

I have some news to share with you, I am pregnant. I just found out last week. I was a few days late but did not think much of it, thinking maybe my calculations were off. While at the grocery store I dropped a home pregnancy test in the cart. I took the test when I got home. Almost immediately 2 pink lines started to form. OMG! I decided to wait till Chris got home from the office before telling him. He came home and I explained what happened and he said “You are not pregnant.” I showed him the pregnancy test, “Maybe?”

The next day I am not sure what possessed me but I started calling family members, then I got scared and decided I better go to the doctor and make sure the results were correct. My normal GYN does not do babies so they referred me to the Women’s Health center. I gave them a call and the receptionist said they do pregnancy testing from 8-11 & 1-4 every day. If your test comes up negative they will charge you $25 out of pocket and if it is positive they will bill your insurance.

I thought that was kind of rough for anyone that was really trying to get pregnant how they would feel having to shell out the $25 after the bad news. Then I thought of the woman who seriously wanted the test to be negative and how happy she would be to pay the $25 and even offer to pay the next 3 women’s fee.

I headed out to the women’s center that afternoon making sure I had $25 on me. Filled out the form, they called me back I took the test, and then I was sent to wait in the lobby for my results. I had brought a book and I sat there reading the same line over and over again. In the background there was some crappy daytime court show on the TV. Each second I sat there my heart beat louder and louder, I could hardly breathe. They called me to the back my face and neck I am sure was all red so they asked me to sit down. She said “The test was positive you are pregnant”. I exhaled not realizing I was holding my breath. They gave me a due date of April 4th and scheduled my next appointment for when I am 10 weeks along.

I am 36 and Chris is 39. Over the years we have gone back and forth on whether or not to have a child. When I was 30 we actually tried to have a child for a whole year with no results. Then after a long discussion we decided together not to have children. We are selfish people and live for ourselves, and I have always felt that the world was overpopulated and someone has already had my babies twice over. Through out the years in my mind I always go back and forth on the idea, trying to figure out what I really want and if I would regret not having a child. Would I miss out on the greatest love of my life, maybe that is what I was afraid of the pain that comes with such a great love.

When I turned 34 I decided to go off birth control and let nature take its course. If I was meant to have a baby then it would happen. So 2 years later and no baby one starts to think the room their eggs are in is filled with cob webs and no longer sporting pastel pink & blue ribbons, or your husband is not as viable as he thinks. Turns out both parties are in good working order and now we are pregnant.

I am doing well. I am trying not to get too excited about it till I get through my first trimester. I did have a small break down in the shower the other day. First I was thinking I am not alone in here. Then I started thinking about having a baby and how it was a part of me, flesh of my flesh kind of thoughts. Then I started crying uncontrollably. I just let it flow. I was in the shower anyway. My face was a little puffy for awhile but I felt a little relief after releasing some emotion.
I decided to create a separate blog for the baby, that way I can keep this one for the alpacas and what not. That way if you are not into babies you won’t need to suffer through all the cute & fuzzy stuff. I will put this post on there that you just read and then continue to journal my experience.

You can find my baby blog at TOOT SWEET.