January 27, 2007

Books & Movies

My love affair with books & movies has gone on as long as I can remember. I do not believe I could choose one over the other. I love them both independently for different reasons. On occasion the two collide, and I get very excited. Of course you have heard it before from many people and I feel the same way the movie is never as good as the book. But of course it isn’t. How can the big screen compare to your own vivid imagination.

The Golden Compass

When I first heard this movie was coming out this year I was thrilled. My first reaction was to tell my husband. He had no idea what I was talking about. Of course I replied “You never read Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials?” “You never read the golden compass?” Then he gave me that look and said “No, not everyone was a nerd and had their nose buried in a book”. I secretly in that moment was thankful for all the Harry Potter books in this day and age. Those books have made it cool for kids to read and has opened them up to explore reading other books.

Back to the Golden Compass
This movie is due out December 2007
The main character Lyra will be played by Dakota Blue Richards.
Other actors in the movie are Nicole Kidman, Sam Elliott, Eva Green and many more. You can catch a preview HERE.

This is the cover of the copy I have in paperback. There are numerous covers and box sets because this is the first book in a series. I am sure once the movie comes out their will be many more covers. The Golden Compass is on my reading list this year. I love rereading books that I read at such a young age. This is a book of fantasy, about stolen children. There is of course a parallel universe with angels, witches, and armored polar bears. What more could you want in a juicy adventure? Of course there are lots more to sink your teeth into.

Miss Potter

I believe the movie Miss Potter is at theaters now. Of course it has not hit my neck of the woods yet but I am waiting. This movie is about Beatrice Potter and her story. The movie is about her trials and tribulations as a woman and artist and how she became the artist and writer of the many images we adore. The preview for this movie can be found HERE.

I am a huge fan of Beatrice Potters work. I am very excited to see the movie and learn a little bit more about the woman behind the work.

This is a book I have in my stash. “The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book” by Pat Menchini. I found this used copy over a year ago. My copy is actually an old library book. It has a copyright of 1987. It is out of print but you can still find used copies at reasonable prices if you Google it.

This is a great find. Although most of the clothing is very dated and I would not make any of them. The charts and motifs in this book are priceless and can be used to make other things. There are tons of artwork and quotes from Miss Potter's books.

Here are a few of the motifs from the book.

Benjamin Bunny

Peter Rabbit

The book also has other patterns besides knitting.

Like this Floppsy Bunny Latch Hook Rug pattern.

Also this “The tailor of Gloucester” cross stitch.

This is a book I have not made anything from but is a true love to read and oogle over the photos, and a book I will keep forever.

Beatrix Potter Fabric

It is turning into a Beatrix Potter year. This year there was a release of a new fabric line titled “Garden Tales”. It is a little on the expense side but it looks lovely and would make a great baby quilt I think.

Here is a look at some of the fabric in the “Garden Tales”

Friday Night Knitting Club

Ok if you are not into Fantasy books and want a more grown up read this might be the book for you. This is “The Friday Night Knitting Club” by Kate Jacobs. This book is on my reading list this year. It is about a lady named Georgia. She is the owner of a little yarn shop. She is raising her daughter Dakota by her self. She has a best friend named Anita. She holds a knit group at her shop. The ladies all get to know each other and of course unexpected things happen in their lives and turn everything upside down. It is a book about sisterhood. I can not wait to read this one and to throw in a juicy tidbit; this book is currently in production to be made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. I can already see this book launching many knit alongs and movie knit nights.

January 19, 2007

Las Vegas Alpaca Auction

Chris and I went to the America’s Choice Winter alpaca Auction last weekend. This was our first auction. We were a bit nervous at first and not sure what to expect. Overall it was lots of fun, and we ended up buying 4 alpacas. All the alpacas at the auction were from Alpacas of America, they are a farm in Washington State. I will tell you more about the ones we got once we receive our package from them. After the auction they took a photo of Chris and me with our 4 new girls. I will post it when I get it. So exciting!

image from travelocity

We stayed an extra night in Vegas and went to see Blue Man Group. It was Chris’s turn to pick a show since I had dragged him to Celine Dion & Momma Mia on previous visits. I am not sure how to describe this show. It is not like anything I have seen before. It was very entertaining & educational. There was lots of audience participation. I would probably not see this show again, once was enough for me. My reaction when we left was “Well that was different”.

Of course I had to go to the Anthropologie store. I was in luck they were having a big sale.

I managed to get the last owl apron. I had been eyeing it last season and was thinking about making one, but the detail on the pocket won me over.

I scanned the apron in to show the detail.

I also got this awesome Tablecloth. It is rectangular 72X90. The best part is that I got it 50% off. It is so beautiful; I am tempted to hang it on the wall. I think it will look nice this spring on my table.

Progress on Whiskey Scarf

I am in love with RY soft tweed. It is knitting up real nice. I think with the 4X4 ribbing on the scarf it will be extra warm.

The Furnace

If you can believe it, I certainly can not; the furnace guy was just here and finally fixed it. Yes! We have been with out the furnace for over a week. Luckily we did have that weekend trip in Vegas which helped out. It took so long because they needed to order a part. It is snowing now and has been since 7:30 this morning. According to the news looks like we are in for it this weekend.

I did find something at Wal-Mart that has helped out with the cold. It is a heated mattress cover. I can not tell you how great this thing is. It has a control for each side so if your partner likes it at a different temp they can set it for them. For all you people that dread getting into your icicle bed at night get one of these and turn it on an hour before going to bed and enjoy a toasty nights sleep.

January 11, 2007

Alpacas in the Snow

Here are the alpacas in the snow. I am not sure why they are out in the thick of it.

Eventually they did move to their shelters.

On the home front our furnace is on the fritz. Chris called someone to take a look at it. Someone might be by this afternoon. I will keep fingers crossed; I know how busy they can be this time of year. We do have a pellet stove in the main room of the house. It seems to be doing its job and keeping the icicles from forming on my face and finger tips.

First FO of 2007

I completed my Norwegian Hat
Pattern: Dalegarn pattern book NR 130
Yarn: Heilo
Flickr for the Stranded Colorwork members FO HERE.

I love how the pattern popped out as I was knitting it. I made the larger size hat because of color work and working in the round things tend to knit up a little smaller. Plus I want to be able to pull it over my ears. It fits perfect.

Project Spectrum 2007

Yahoo! Lolly is at it again and the new project spectrum will be getting under way starting February 1st. Here is the monthly color line up.

February / March = Blue, White, Gray
April / May = Green, Yellow, Pink
June / July = Red, Black, Metallics
August / September = Brown, Orange, Purple

I like how we have two months to complete a project instead of one. I found that last year my projects went way over time. Another bonus is three color choices instead of two. I already got something in mind for February & March. The link to 2007’s Project Spectrum is HERE.

January 07, 2007

For the Birds

This is one of my bird seed hangers on my porch. I love to watch the birds flock to it for a tasty treat. Especially during the winter I make sure there is a little something for them to eat.

Down with the Decorations

Cosmo is protesting taking the tree down. The time has come and I have finally taken down all the holiday décor. It never fails, every year after boxing every thing up and placing in the garage, I will find holiday stuff here and there that I have accidentally left out.

Hat Progress

Just a couple more rows left in the pattern and then to make a big pom-pom for the top. Last to weave in all loose ends and I will be finished.

Next Up

Whiskey Hat & Scarf from Rowan’s Classic Winter book 6

I plan to use Rowan Classic Soft tweed in color Loganberry. My accent colors for the scarf are Bark & Mist

I am going to start with the scarf. Here is a close up of the end color stripping.

This next knit project fits in with the Tweeding Along group I joined. The group is a knit along and the rules are knit with any tweed yarn. The time frame is from September to March 20th. So if you are knitting with tweed drop on over and join the group.