October 26, 2006

Arrive at Puerto Vallarta

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta early Saturday afternoon. We checked into the Dreams Resort. We were a little disappointed that it was overcast but later in the week when it was full sun we wished for clouds. We grabbed lunch at one of the hotel cafe's while we waited for the room to be ready.

Once the room was ready we put on our suits and jumped into the ocean.

After a shower we washed up for dinner and went exploring around the resort. These are luminaries they had hanging in the open air lobby.

We ate dinner at the hotel’s seafood restaurant. This is the view from where we were seated. I was amazed how blue the sky and sea looked from the restaurant. You almost could not tell where one began or ended.

The restaurant was covered with a huge thatch roof. It was amazing.

The next day we hung around the beach a little while then left for El Eden. It is the spot where they filmed the movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger. They had turned the area into a tourist spot.

There was a restaurant and a small swimming area. Also you could sign up for the zip-line. I came for the zip-line. I have always wanted to do this. I am not sure why. I felt like since I was terrified of it I should do it and it would make me stronger.

Here is the drink I ordered to help calm my nerves before shooting through the jungle like Tarzan.

Chris did not do the zip-line with me he is afraid of heights. Let me tell you it was the scariest thing I have ever done. There were 15 lines all together and took a total of 2 hours to get through the whole course. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I trusted each leap of faith plowing across the trees. I am so glad I did it, but now that I have, I will never do it again. SCARY! VERY SCARY!

Relaxing in the Sun

Many days we just lay out on the beach chairs under an umbrella. I would bring a bag with my knitting and my book and relax the day away.

Knitting at the beach, there is nothing like it. So cool, and yet according to my husband not very sexy. 8)

Some plants around the hotel.

There were many little cozy spots to relax in as you walked around the resort.

Here is the view of the beach from our room.

The sunsets were amazing.

If we were not relaxing by the beach we would venture downtown.

The beach near the downtown area had many statues lining the walk.

We stopped for lunch at Pipi’s. This place was so good we ended up coming back to eat there again later in the week.

Here is a view out the window with all the stencil cut flags lining the street beside Pipi’s restaurant.

Turtle Release

Our last night at the Dreams resort they had a turtle release for the guests. A local hatchery came by with 12 baby turtles and let us release them in the sand to head into the ocean.

The little guys were so cute.

The last three catching a wave.

Have I mentioned the Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta?

The last night at Dreams we ate at their Mexican restaurant. So many vivid colors. We each started with chicken tortilla soup and in the center is a spicy cheese dip.

The next day we checked into the second hotel Villa Premier Hotel & Spa. We planned the trip around two hotels. The first being Dreams, had a private beach and was all inclusive, which would give us a couple days to relax at the beach. The second place was Villa Premier which did not have a private beach but was walking distance to downtown.

One bonus of our room at the Villa Premier is we had a large private porch with a huge spa tub.

Oh Yea Baby.

Our maid at this room would leave us towel shaped animals with notes. How cool is that?

Over So Quickly

We spent the last couple of days wondering around the city taking in the art galleries and doing a little shopping. Here is Chris sitting on a bench downtown.

The Loot

You can find some great deals in Mexico especially if you pay in Pesos.

The one thing I was looking for was baskets with lids. I was able to find these two. I use them to store sewing notions or yarn.

These hand woven blankets we found on the beach. The seller was walking along with a stack of them on his shoulder. These are very warm and will be nice for the coming winter.

This is a wool rug. It is folded up so you can see the pattern. It took Chris and I forever to finally decide on this rug. No two rugs looked the same, and I was trying to pick one with colors that matched our decor.

The one on the left has a place to put a candle in the back so when lit the light shines through the glass with a carved fish. The middle is a ceramic bowl. The one on the right is a glass blown vase with cobalt blue along the top edge. Perfect size to display a flower or two.

Well that’s about it. We had a wonderful time and feel rested and ready to get back into the grind of life.

October 25, 2006

Delivered as Promised

Yes our luggage arrived the next day around 5 pm. Only one casualty a ceramic frog I had bought was broken in many pieces. Fortunately it only cost a couple of pesos. They really throw those bags around next time any breakables I will carry on the plane with me.

I am glad I doubled bagged the liquid stuff because the Pepto-Bismol we had brought exploded in the bag. Everything was covered in pink liquid that was in the bag. Thank goodness it did not get out and onto everything else in the suitcase. Also, a good tip if you are going to Mexico bring some Pepto because you will need it. I believe it is called Montezuma’s Revenge. It hit Chris on Monday & I got it on Wednesday. It was not too bad since we were prepared.

Now to get the full trip report written and photos downloaded. I should get it posted by today or tomorrow.

October 22, 2006

Luggage Delayed

We are back from our trip, unfortunately our luggage is not. We arrived last night around 8 pm. We stood there watching the luggage carrousel until it stopped moving and mostly everyone had collected there luggage and left. The few people left there in horror still trying to comprehend the fact that their luggage would not be there. This is the first time this has happened to us. Fortunately it happened on our way home.

The bad part is that we live 2 hours from the airport and it would be a hassle to come all the way back to pick up the luggage when they finally arrived. The airline service attendant told us that the luggage possibly might come the next day on another flight. They also said that when they arrive they would be put on a shuttle and delivered to our house. My fingers and toes are crossed that this actually takes place.

Chris and I made the 2 hour drive home and wanting badly to shower and relax. Unfortunately due to the new security requirements all our bathroom products were in our checked luggage, like hairbrush, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc. At this point I could care less about the clothes and really want my toothbrush and my face cream oh yea and my eye drops, & nail clippers.

A shout out to the luggage fairies, “Please have mercy”.

October 13, 2006

Leaving For Puerto Vallarta

Chris and I leave tomorrow morning for some R&R in Puerto Vallarta. We will be staying part of the trip at this hotel pictured above. It is Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort. Chris actually stayed at this same hotel when he was a kid vacationing with his family. They have remodeled & changed their name since he went. I myself have never been to Puerto Vallarta.

Canadian Cheese Soup

I found the recipe for the Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup. I made it the other night and it came out tasty. You can find the recipe HERE or HERE.

Preppy Ripple Throw

Preppy Ripple Throw
I decided on this pattern for the yarn I had originally for the Grandiflora blanket.

I found it in "Under Cover" a book I got last Christmas.
This knit pattern is much easier and looks more enjoyable.
The pattern is for 3 colors but I plan to just use the two.

I like the ripple pattern and think it will look nice with the two colors.

I’m off to stress out and pack and wonder if I have everything.

October 11, 2006

Autumn Knits

webshots photo

It is starting to look like autumn around here. It certainly feels like it with the dropping temperatures. I love the changes of the seasons.

Found a new Knit Along

This is the Fall Cable Knit Along. It started Oct 1st and goes through Feb 28th. There are even contests and prizes. I have to admit that knitting cables are my favorite projects. I am addicted to them.

Here is a flash back to some of my FO with cables.

Parrot Wrap

Hello Kitty Handbag

Cabled Hat

Rowan Cardi

Here are the projects I have planned for the Fall Cable Knit Along

Cable Embrace Scarf-pattern by Maia
You can find the pattern over at Maia Spins

I went looking through my stash to find some yarn for the scarf and came up with this Filatura Di Crosa “Dolce Amore” in color #4. I bought this yarn so long ago back when I was a new knitter and really did not have a clue as to how much yarn was needed for a project. I was buying yarn simply because I wanted it. I have become wiser and now try to only buy yarn when I have a project in mind.

I am using two strands to come closer to the width of the recommended yarn.
Here is my cast on so far.

I like the cable pattern and think the yarn will do nicely.

Of course I plan to Knit Bridget-Jo Sharp Book #2

Using Donegal Tweed homespun in color #880

I am hoping with the Knit along dead line of Feb 28th it will keep me on track to complete it by then.

New Cable Book

Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman is due to release October 24th.I have had this book on my wish list forever and it is finally almost released.