November 28, 2006


The In-laws, Chris & I loaded up the cars and headed to Chris’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving. They live in Roswell New Mexico. It is about a two hour drive from our home.

In tradition the boys slaved away all day fixing the meal.

Women having nothing to do, go to the park and play most of the day, contemplating possibly going fishing or hunting.

WHAT? Isn’t that how it is at your house? Well it did not go quite like that.

This is Chester enjoying the crisp fresh air. All in all it was a wonderful day. We had a fantastic meal, played a game called Fact or Crap, and then ended the day all watching Survivor.

Great Find

On Wednesday we took our family to a nearby ski town for some shopping and an early dinner.

I found these great embroidered towels. They are both in a Christmas motif one is a chicken and the other a sheep. Both are decked out for the holidays. I should have grabbed more but these two were my favorite. I am thinking of using the embroidery to make into two wall hangings. I love the images so much I know I would never use them to wipe my hands on.

Knit Stocking

I started a tradition where I knit a stocking every year. This year I chose the Giant Jester Stocking from the book Christmas Stockings by Interweave Press. The pattern is also in the magazine Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts at news stands now.

I chose Caron Simply Soft yarn in colors: Grape 9610, Limelight 9607, Autumn Red 9730, & Blue Mint 9608.

November 18, 2006

Alpaca Update

Here is a more recent photo of our baby alpaca Miss Bianca.

I have good news. Three alpacas with their babies are coming home in two weeks.
Mommas: Tasha, Sateen, & Emmy Leigh
Babies: Miss Bianca, Kingsley, & Zissou
Unfortunately Teresa is not pregnant yet so she will stay in Oregon with her baby Klaus until she is confirmed pregnant.
We are so excited for their arrival.

Progress on the Structures

We decided to build a couple of structures for them to have shelter and to feed. We will wait to build the barn once we live and work with the animals for awhile, then we can build one for what we will actually need it for. This is one of the structures. There will be bins built against the wall of each of the three for hay.

This is a view of the back of the structures. Do you see the three little doors? This allows me to open up from the back of the structures and drop the hay into the bins from the back. Our contractor has told us he will be done with everything by Thanksgiving. I will keep my fingers crossed that he is able to meet this deadline.

Fetching Completed

I completed Fetching. I have already worn them and they work nicely to keep your hands warm and allow you to move your fingers. It only took one ball of Super 100% Australian Merinos yarn in color #1694.
You can find the pattern for Fetching HERE.

Well my house is a complete disaster and Chris & I are running around like idiots trying to get things done and ready for the in-laws that will be arriving on Tuesday. I had to stop painting to start cleaning up. I still have the kitchen left to paint and also I would like to do a faux finish in the newly painted main room & dinning room. We are also trying to get everything we need for the alpacas arriving in two weeks.

Life is a big blur of excitement.

November 07, 2006

Seasonal FO

Here is my finished Halloween table topper.

This is the back side. I used a small pumpkin print for the center and a black with white flowers for the border. I figured the back I could use through autumn & Thanksgiving.

Painting Progress

I am now working on the guest room. My in-laws are coming for Thanksgiving so it is crunch time in getting the room done and useable. Chris asked me what color I was going to paint the room and I told him yellow. He looked at me weird and said the room is already yellow. Not Big Bird kindergarten primary color yellow, I want a light pastel lemon chiffon. Then Chris gave me the look, you know the one I married a crazy lady look.

Here is the old brassy yellow.

Painting over ugly yellow with primer.

Brandy supervising on my drop cloth.

New Behr paint color “Summer Moon”. Much better.
Just need to paint around the trim and the ceiling edge.
Oh and the closet left to paint also.

Boys & their Toys

We went and looked at tractors last weekend. Oh boy, who new there were so many choices.